* At 5th of July we will have a big Christian Concert in the neighborhood of Yzberisht. The group is called No Longer Music.

* 267327_485351661551473_1195920206_nWe are organizing English Courses for impacting people in the area with the Gospel. We feel blessed to have Peter and Amie Larson from Washington state to be part of this project by teaching english. The project is from 24th June until 5th of August 2013. The course is 3 times  a week. There are about 130 people participating in it.



* At 12 of July we are having a big soccer game where we are inviting nonbelievers to build relationships with them. In the same day there is a ladies QUILT project. Will be using this project to build relationships and share the Gospel.

* From 21st until 30th of July we are having a group from USA (Washington state and Illinois) to be part of the project of English Camps. We will be using this time to share the Gospel and impact the area of Yzberisht.