Ministers & Vision

Demo familyEduart and Valbona Demo, children Noel and Sion
Under communism we both grew up thinking that there was no God. After Communism fell in 1991, we both learned that we came from a muslim background. When I (Eduart) was exposed to the Gospel for the first time, I was skeptical about the resurrection of Jesus which I had never heard before. I wanted to know God and thought my background religion would help me. But I became more attracted to exploring the truth of the death and resurrection of Jesus. In 1993 I became totally convinced of this truth and surrendered to Him totally. I (Valbona) heard the message about Jesus at school when some missionaries spoke to our class. I was deeply moved by the great message and was ready to respond to it immediately, knowing I would face many difficulties in the coming years with my parents for changing my faith. As a couple we have been in full time ministry since 2001. It is a great joy to spend our lives telling others about the Gospel as we plant and establish churches.

ErlindErlind Hasko
Even though I come from a family with a muslim background, I never went in a mosque. In 2006 some friends invited me to a christian church and I was very impressed with the very friendly atmosphere. For the first time in my life I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God opened my eyes and heart to respond to it. I understood the meaning of my life. I started to attend Bible study groups and learned about having a personal relationship with the Lord. God gave me the desire to serve by telling others about the Gospel of our Lord and I am very happy that I am now involved in full time ministry.


DSC_0164 copyDhurata Turullaj, daughters Debora and Grejs
I come from a muslim background and I was committed to my religion. I heard about Jesus when I was 15 years old and my heart was hungry to hear more about Him. Those were difficult moments for me since my whole family was against it. After a period of time I gave my heart to Jesus and He gave me a great peace to deal with my family. I started to get to know more about God and His Word. Later I got married to a man who had a heart for missions and served as a pastor until he died from cancer some years ago. Today, together with my daughters, we are very thankful to God for being involved in full time ministry, continuing to make Him known.

Ok_0169 ySaimir and Enkela Braho, children Adriel, Anja and Aron
We were both professionals in acting and singing. Our career was our god. In 2001 I (Saimir) was disappointed by artistic success and tried to find meaning and happiness in my life. In the same year I (Enkela) started to question the importance of having a good artistic carreer. When we both heard the Gospel, we realized who the real God was, where we as sinners were destined for eternity and what Christ did on the cross for our salvation. We believed in the Gospel and since 2001 we started to serve Him. We were married in 2003 and we have been involved in the local and national ministry of the Gospel since 2004. It is our joy to serve Him in evangelism and establishing churches in our country.

ErnelaErnela Janca
I was raised in a muslim tradition, but we didn’t practice it. I became a christian when I was twelve. It was my older sister that shared the good news with me. The complete change in her life and the love she showed us influenced me. She taught me about my new identity in Christ and how to change my behavior, to have a firm walk with Him, and to serve faithfully. I am thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him in full time ministry.


            DSC_0155 ok

To plant and establish healthy churches locally that will help every person experience new life in Christ and to grow in their personal relationship with God. To equip believers to go out, make disciples of all nations, and establish local churches.
(Matt. 28:18-20)
• To give every person multiple and varied opportunities to hear the Gospel in a clear, understandable and attractive manner.
• To spawn dynamic church movements in all geographic areas. To introduce people to Christ and disciple them to become fruitful followers of Him in every segment of society.
• To raise up mature and equipped christian leaders who will be able to initiate multiplying movements wherever they are by planting and establishing local churches.
• To send laborers to reach the segments of society in Albania and beyond.
• To work with other local churches and other christian organizations to fulfill the great commission through effective partnerships, church planting, training, resources, and strategies.

Our step by step strategy of Church planting
1. Locate an area where there is no church.
2. Find an existing healthy church that wants to help or adopt a new church plant.
3. Plant the church by clearly preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelistic outreaches and other projects.
4. Work closely with the sister church to help new believers grow in Christlike character and become passionate followers of Jesus Christ by providing personal and group mentoring and discipleship.
5. Train and mentor potential leaders of the new church.
6. Appoint the new leaders.
7. When the church is firmly established, Illyricum Movement will not be needed. The church and the sister church will continue to cooperate.
8. Send Albanian missionaries to plant and establish other churches.